Our new album “WAR DIARY”, with release date 15th of december, can now be ordered on ginza.se and cdon.se.

The album is a diary of Morgans experiences as a soldier in Afghanistan 2009.

Guest guitar players: Hulkoff of RAUBTIER and Simon Johansson of WOLF.cover war diary 141110

Our upcoming album “War Diary” has been sent off for printing! We are very proud of the result and are anxious to share it to the world. Release date is set to october first.Cover

We have recently finished the video recording for “Seven years and married”and we are very exited to see the result. Peter Kolm has so far done an amazing job with the video and we have all great confidence in him and lookning forward to more cooperation in the future! Good luck with the clipping and mixing mate!

We are back!! You can’t kill the metal, the metal will live on.

One year of solid non stop rocking and we think we are well deserved of a short break. We need to regroup, convince our families to forgive our abcense and then attack again. During 2013 and the two first months of 2014 we have recorded and finished our debut album ”War Diary”. We have been faithfull, patient and paid tribute to the gods of metal, steel, beer and what not.

The result is a true masterpiece! The music, the production and the artwork turned out to be way over our expectations and we owe alot of ”Thank you’s!” to some very great people but also to ourselfs. We are looking forward to a year filled with new achievements and we promise to hold the metal torch high! Rock on!