Skeleton Birth plays fast in-your-face-thrash with big focus on the live performance. The feeling you get while listening to the record is at an even higher level on stage and no one in the audience shall be left untouched. Our image is down to earth, personal but rock hard and we take lot’s of pride in being a true live band with no shortcuts.

Skeleton Birth was formed in 2010.
Morgan Frööjd and Erik Forsgren, at the time playing together in a cover band, started writing music together and the idea of a band started to form. Driven by a need to play fast music and write their own material it started out with small jam sessions in Morgans basement, at the time under the name Machine. From day one there was a clear vision, and while the first songs where written the whole concept started taking form. Fast thrash with honest and simple lyrics, thrown like an order in the face of the audience. Visually elaborated as cold and merciless as an Shakespeare tragedy. The fastest guitarist in the village Ulf Johansson was
recruited together with the heavy metal veteran Jan Lindberg on bas the line up was completed.
At first, focus was put on the live performance. Everything offered was accepted and after a while the live routine felt strong. To be able to reach new venues and larger crowds in the beginning of 2012 Machine decided to put all effort in getting a full length album recorded. Machine was traded for Skeleton Birth and except for one performance at the local metal festival Nordic Rage all focus was on the coming album. Morgans lyrics, based on the experience from a military operation in Afghanistan during 2009 -2010, was the inspiration and the whole concept of the album. This inspiration and motivation never failed. The recording process was allowed to take it’s time and every single tone and drum beat is suffered to give the exact right emotion.
March 2014 the original vision is achieved.

Skeleton Birth is ready for battle.

Morgan Frööjd (guitar and vocals)
Erik Forsgren (drums)
Ulf Johansson (guitar)
Jan Lindberg (bass)