Skeleton Birth

War Diaries

by Chelsea Jennings at 18 June 2015, 3:36 PM

SKELETON BIRTH are a Thrash Metal band that plays a very “in-your-face” style of Metal.SKELETON BIRTH’s latest release “War Diaries” was released in late 2014 throughGrinding Records.

SKELETON BIRTH has an epic, heavy Thrash Metal sound that is complete with pounding drum solos, and skull-crushing guitar riffs. The band’s latest offering “War Diaries” focuses on the dark, somber topic of human suffering, and the ultimate, impending doom of humanity that is going to be brought on by humanity itself. Opening track “Chains” sets the tone for the dark, depressing release as it discusses the broken spirits of humanity, and the endless “storms” that humanity must overcome. These obstacles include: lust, greed, hate, fear, and vanity just to name a few.

The rest of the album continues in the vein of talking about the crises that humanity will face in the future. “Human Sacrifice”talks about humanity’s corrupt nature, and how we all wind up being forced to “sacrifice” throughout our lies, whether we choose to or not. Based on the actions of other human beings, we will all pay some price that we have the rest of humanity to thank for inflicting upon us. “The Voyage Of Elysium” is about the “dark unknown” that humanity is accelerating towards at a frighteningly quick pace.

“Troops In Contact” talks about the war that humans will fight out of their own greed to take what everyone else has in this world. Troops are the innocent people that die in these altercations. That is suggested to continue until some “extra-terrestrial” force from outside out of the planet comes in to save humanity. “Wounds Never Heal” suggests that humanity will never get our wounds healed because soon as one wound begins to heal, someone does something to rip another wound wide open. In the end, all of the wounds fester, but never really heal. “Democracy By Firepower” suggests that the people that control the balances of power in the world are the ones that possess the firepower, or brute force, to do it with. These are the “supreme” ruling nations in our society today, and they will likely continue to be for the remainder of all human life on this planet.

SKELETON BIRTH’s latest release combines heavy, pulsating beats with grim, dark topics about the fate of humanity, and how it’s all humanity’s fault that we are in the position we are in today to begin with. The grim, dark-sounding music matches the topics of “War Diaries” very well. It’s a coherent, comprehensive release. A must-listen for any Thrash Metal fan!